At, we believe that travelling is more fun and fulfilling with a little bit of research and planning put in ahead of time. That does not mean we do not enjoy exploring and spontaneous adventure while on a trip. Quite the opposite in fact, exploration and spontaneity are part of the fun in travel. Doing a bit of homework before you show up, however, can take your trip to the next level and make sure you do not get home wishing you had known about a fun activity or interesting site. There are also some incredible experiences that are only available if you plan ahead and make reservations or arrangements before you go.

With a little preparation before you go your trip can be even more relaxing and/or adventure filled and less stressful. We write about places we have been and share our experiences. There are certainly things we wish we had known, for example, you need to book tickets to inside the Sistine Chapel. Yep, we got there and could not go in and could not get tickets the day we were there. With a little more research we would have known and been prepared.

You might be the type of person who wants to have your schedule all planned out, or you might want to just go in without any plan at all, either way it helps to read

Bad Poems on a travel site?

We want to have a poem for each page

Not a good poem written by a sage

But one that is simple and funny

Maybe one day this site will make money

The poems could be short or long

In this case there’s no right or wrong

We hope you enjoy this site And it inspires you to hop on a flight